I love to cover assignments where I am the only photographer and given complete freedom to work. Although I have a big team now with 3 full time people on board along with a big pool of talented artists working as freelancers, the chance to cover  a wedding solo is quite liberating. It is just me, my camera and the subjects. On outstation assignments where it is not possible to take a big team due to budget and other constraints, clients often are skeptical on how I would be able to do justice to their wedding alone. We have been accustomed to seeing large armies of photographers covering weddings, so the question and doubt is natural. The irony is most of the big team photographers don’t even know the settings of their cameras and simple stuff like aperture and shutter control, when and how to use flash, forget about vision and viewpoint.  The result is always a large number of mediocre images. It is the person behind the lens which makes images so do take care who you put behind the lens and what would you rather have – a good number of great and beautiful photographs or a large number of shabby photographs? I typically handout 400-600 photographs per day depending on the flow of events which I believe is a great number. So to dispel doubts I particularly wanted to blog this wedding of a beautiful couple who had their wedding in a small town called Badaun in UP. There were a army of local photographers with Drones, cranes, studio lights and what not! On the other hand it was I with my heavy camera backpack and lightbag. Posting images here to take you through the wedding. Hope you like them and dispels any doubt in anyone’s mind that a good solo photographer is better than an a army of photographers!





























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